Testimonial - Rachel

Posted by Corey Merrill on

Barbara and Neil,

Where should I even begin! Two years ago, when you both came into my life, was the beginning of the great journey that we are still on today. From training the great Pepper, to helping change my style of riding, you are both a very large influence in our success. I have learned through you to appreciate the importance of ground work and respect between my horse and I that I never knew was possible. By spending time with you both, my hands have become lighter and I have a much more well-balanced seat. I look up to you both inside and outside of the arena. I'm so grateful for your wisdom and guidance, and the time I get to work with you both. Thank you for helping me become the jockey I am today and giving me helpful tips whenever I need them. Pepper and I will never forget who helped get us to where we are today and where we hope to be in the future.


Rachel Primm