Testimonial - Sarah

Posted by Corey Merrill on

Neil and Barbara,
I just wanted to thank you both again for such an amazing weekend! Over the last few days I have been working with my 3 year old in her stall....all I can say is WOW! She has never been so focused! Because she is getting the REWARD of “release” she has been 100% intrigued with my actions. Not to mention she has grasped onto every concept almost instantly! After a few days of ground work, I then moved those skills into the saddle (where we have been having the most problems). She did everything I asked of her with ease! I am fascinated with the way you both ride, and your concept of teaching... because it works! In the past I have been very blessed to ride some extremely nice finished horses, they showed me what moves a good barrel horse is suppose to make before and during a turn. Having to get on colts over the last few years, I found that I had NO IDEA how to make those moves... and your clinic show me! I haven’t looked forward to going out to ride in a long time. Exercising my colts became more of a chore then a treat. Yesterday I went out to the barn to catch my futurity mare, and to my surprise she perked up, walked over and “Caught Me!” This is a HUGE change from her normal sour “I don't want to work” attitude. I just want to thank you again, I truly can’t express what this has been worth to me.
- Sarah